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I trained in Montana, beginning at the age of 3, with many different studios and companies in various dance styles. My professional career began at the young age of 15, dancing with Salzburg Ballet Company in Austria. Since then, I have been the Principle Dancer for Montana Ballet Company, a Soloist for San Diego Ballet Company, and the Founder/Artistic Director of Kadosh Dance Company.

I am currently living on The Big Island of Hawaii building a new adventure with my 2 beautiful children. 

I teach for Kona Dance and Performing Arts, YWAM at University of The Nations, Prince Dance Institute, and I take as many opportunities to collaborate with other groups as possible including online. 


 My mission is to use dance as a means to help/heal others and communicate God's love through the avenues of new movement and exploration, judgment-free self-expression, and fierce technical training. Freedom and skill go hand and hand in my choreography and teaching methods for both the youth and those in their "golden years." 



After the birth of my first child,

I began bodybuilding to re-sculpt my figure, unlocking amazing new techniques for strengthening the mind and body. 

We are now elated to be parents of another little boy born in July of 2017, and my aim is to continue my journey as a professional dancer, adding on the conditioning and meditative practices I have discovered a passion for, and expand my practice to new parts of the US and the world abroad. While navigating the insanity of parenting of course ;) Having children has been such a rewarding experience as a dancer, and I hope to share that increased body knowledge both through innovative choreography and performance,

as well as in my classes and the way in which I teach. 



I am also studying as an Integrative Medicine Health Coach. This profession has opened my eyes to so many simple solutions to many of my dancers' maladies. I can only hope I am able to use this new found knowledge to enable those I work with to find even greater joy in dance- with a healthy body and mind. 


My choreography and classes are in the following styles:

Classical and Contemporary Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, and several types of "Fusion". 

The internet is a welcome avenue for choreography commissions, and I'm open to teaching master classes in any location near to me. Soon this site will also feature a membership-based platform for different levels of dance training and opportunities for collaboration. Stay tuned!

2010 - present
2010 - present

For Kona Dance and Performing Arts  

Stay tuned for ongoing community performances! 

Featuring Classical, Contemporary, Modern, and Hip Hop.

For Kona Dance and Performing Arts  

"Masters of Craft" April 27th and 28th, 2018


Featuring Classical, Contemporary, Modern, and Hip Hop pieces.

For the Aloha Theater featuring Hip Hop Fundamentals, self-expressions, and Content Creation for the Next Generation 

"Be Your Funky Self"

-Dec 26-28th

"Content Creation for the Next Generation" 

-Jan 2nd-4th

Each workshop will be a three-day spread, for 3 hours each day. Times TBD and details to come...  More workshops coming soon!!!


  • Principle Dancer for Montana Ballet Company

2009 & 2011-2013

Featured in Roles including Snow Queen, Sugar Plum Fairy, Arabian, Marzipan, Tatania, and many more classical and contemporary works. 

Founder of

 Kadosh Dance Company

in 2013

Current Artistic Director 

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for more... 

  • Soloist for San Diego Ballet Company 


Arabian Lead in The Nutcracker

Core member for Romeo and Juliet as well as Fire Bird and several contemporary works. 

Summer 2017-

Offering free community performances with a group of youth being trained in improvisational dance, as well as technical skill in various styles...

My aim is to bless Bozeman with the gift of movement all season long, for free, and in doing so create a new confidence and joy in each of my young dancers. Improv is a powerful tool for both the dancer and the audience... it is an intimate sharing of the soul, and is essential in order to foster a strong sense of self in each performer- while also allowing the audience and the dancers alike to feel vulnerable, as well as empowered. 

  • "The First Day"

Ground breaking Collaborative Performance


Ground breaking collaborative multi media performance featuring:

Choreography- Amy Stoddart

Music composed- Patrick Leonard

Vocals- Jeni Flemming

Performed- Katy Raczkowski

  • Core Member of Salzburg Ballet Company


One season performing and touring through Europe

Hired through the SIBA Academy the year prior

"Seasons of Purpose"-

Charity based multi-media performance


We raised enough money through the production to build 2.5 wells in Northern Tanzania through a Helena-based charity. I was the producer, director, lead choreographer, and lead dancer for this show. 

Photo Credit- Tonya Lesley
  • Competed in numerous competitions taking top scores every time- sent to national finals in Disney Land, CA, and took top 3 with a solo of my own choreography


Co-Directed "The Nutcracker- All Cracked Up"-

Featuring Contemporary works representing the Snow Scene and Rats

choreographed by Katy Raczkowski


With a completely new spin on a well-loved classic, The Dance Center received rave reviews for their Nutcracker "All Cracked Up" Standing ovations and an unforgettable production marked this year's Christmas season as one that will never be forgotten! Ms. Anna was kind enough to allow Ms. Katy to be involved on all levels, despite originally only being commissioned for 2 pieces. 

"Farther Along"

Won best Contemporary Choreography award

 A piece choreographed for Elevation Dance Company. Then invited as a conservative judge to Glendive's Annual competition. Also hired to clean multiple award winning solos.


Solos for Kona Dance

"Faces of Rain" -Contemporary

"Blackbird" -Classical  

Several solos composed on short notice and performed for Kona Dance and Performing Arts. 

Set 3 new pieces on the RDE Company for an open studio performance and fundraiser

"Faces of Rain"

"The Cosmonaut" 


 In just 4 classes 3 pieces were taught and set for an intimate open studio show. 

Big thanks to Jeanne Moe for sponsoring the series

Prince Dance Institute 

We performed in 5 schools on the North end of the island, bringing them an emmerive show about the foundational elements of our universe through interpretive dance, 2 amazing astronomers, and original choreo by Angel Prince! 

Featuring Improvisational work as well

For Kona Dance and Performing Arts  I have the pleasure of leading our youth company this season with Kona Dance and Performing Arts- stay tuned for performances featuring new innovative works and Master Classes! 

For the Miss Kona Coffee Pageant 

Developed a Contemporary Solo to Amena Brown's "Dance With Him" as part of the production

"TuTu Cool" 
Collaborative Performance 
The Ellen Theater 
April 15th 7pm 
Featuring choreography
by Katy Raczkowski
"Waves of Surrender" 

"Freedom To Be"

Improvisational Performance 

Oba Cafe August 27th at 5pm 

Featuring a group of young dancers in an unexpected and highly inspirational venue 

The Art Walk 

Friday, August 11th from 6:30-8:30pm

Downtown Bozeman, MT

in front of US Bank 

Entirely Improvisational Performance 

Youth Based 

SLAM Fest 

Sunday August 6th

at The Bogart Park Main Stage 


Single piece titled "Reversing," followed by a brief contact modern jam 

Features a skeleton of choreography, but is still 90% improvisational 

Lunch on The Lawn-

at The Emerson Cultural Center

Wednesday, August 2nd


Entirely improv based youth performance, accompanied by the Bridger String Quartet

Nutcracker "All Cracked Up" 
Featuring a Contemporary snow scene and gypsy rats choreographed by Katy Raczkowski
International Variety Show
Fundraiser for the arts and culture
programs of MSU
Featuring a contemporary Solo by Katy
to The Moshav Band's "Shalom Alechem"
and an impromptu performance
with Jake Flemming
to an original Jazz/Guitar Sax piece 
Training &
2018 Winter/Spring
Youth Open 
At Big Sky Ballroom
Thursdays 4-5:15
A unique blend of classical and Modern technique, as well as improvisational study and self-exploration. 
Ballet Barre Conditioning
At Big Sky Ballroom
Thursdays 5:15-6pm
$5 Drop-in
All Level Adult Ballet 
At The Dance Center
Saturday Mornings 10-11:30AM
$8 Drop-in
Advanced Contemporary Ballet
At The Emerson Cultural Center
with The Dance Center 
Monday Evenings 7:30-8:80pm
Drop-in and registration
through the Dance Center 
Ballet 4 (Advanced) with Variations
At The Emerson Cultural Center
with The Dance Center 
Wednesday Evenings 6-8pm
Drop-in and registration
through the Dance Center 
Teen Dance Series 
At The Emerson Cultural Center
with The Dance Center 
Monday Evenings 6:30-7:30pm
4 weeks of Jazz and Musical Theater, Followed by 6 weeks of Technical Hip Hop training, and a 6 week Modern series after Winter Break.